SSC Maths Mock Test in English Quiz 3

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SSC Maths Mock Test in English Quiz 3

SSC Maths Mock Test in English Quiz 3 has 25 questions. For correct answer you will get 3 marks & for wrong answer -1 (minus 1) mark. After submitting Answer sheet, you can check right and wrong answers as well as your total marks.

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1.What is the difference between the maximum and the minimum number of pieces into which a square paper can be cut using five straight lines?


2.The cost price of 15 articles is same as the selling price of 10 articles. The profit percent is :


3.529 mangoes were distributed among three boys in the ratio 1/2 ∶2/3 ∶3/4. How many mangoes did the last boy get?


4.If the simple interest on Rs. 400 for 10 years is Rs. 280, the rate of interest per annum is


5.A single discount of 50% on an article costing 10000 is better than two successive discounts of 40% and 10% by


6.What is the value of Cot 45° – (1/√3)Cosec 60°?


7.2sin² β + 4cos (α + β) sin α sin β + cos 2(α + β) = ?


8.If two circles of radii 9 cm and 4 cm touch each other externally, then what is the length of the common tangent?


9.H.C.F of 3/2 and 4/7 = ?


10.If x+1/x=1 then x⁵²+x⁴⁶+x³²+x²⁶+x²¹+x¹⁵+x⁶+x³+4 is equal to


11.Find the greatest number that will divide 148, 246 and 623 leaving remainders 4, 6 and 11, respectively.


12.In a race of one kilometer, A gives B a start of 100 metres and still wins by 20 seconds. But if A gives B a start of 25 seconds, B wins by 50 metres. The time taken by A to run one kilometer is:


13.Four circles of equal radii are described about the four corners of a square so that each touches two of the other circles. If each side of the square is 140 cm then area of the space enclosed between the circumference of the circle and the square is


14.A rectangle has perimeter of 50 metres. If its length is 13 metres more than its breadth, then its area is:


15.In a village the average age of n people is 42 years. But after the verification it was found that the age of a person had been considered 20 years less than the actual age, so the new average, after the correction, increased by 1. The value of n is:


16.Pipe ‘A’ can fill a tank in 40 minutes and pipe ‘B’ can empty the tank 50 minutes. If both the pipes are opened together, then in what time is the tank filled?


17.A merchant purchases a wrist watch for 450 and fixes its list price in such a way that after allowing a discount of 10%, he earns a profit of 20%. Then the list price of the watch is


18.Average of first five odd multiples of 3 is


19.In how many years will a sum of 3,000 yield a simple interest of 1,080 at 12% per annum ?


20.The single discount, which is equivalent to successive discounts of 25% and10 %, is :


21.A vendor buys 6 bananas for Rs 25 and sells them at 3 for Rs 20. What is his profit percentage?


22.If sin A + sin 2A = x and cos A + cos 2A = y, then (x² + y²)(x² + y² – 3) = ?


23.∆ABC is similar to ∆DEF , area of ∆ABC is 9 and area of ∆DEF is 16 and BC = 2.1 cm. Then the length of EF will be


24.Two pipes can fill a cistern in 6 minutes and 7 minutes respectively. Both the pipes are opened alternately for 1 minute each. In what time will they fill the cistern?


25.A student was asked to divide a number by 6 and add 12 to the quotient. He, however, first added 12 to the number and then divided it by 6, getting 112 as the answer. The correct answer should have been



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