Physics in English Quiz 2

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Physics in English Quiz 2

Physics in English Quiz 2 has 10 questions. For correct answer you will get 3 marks & for wrong answer -1 (minus 1) mark. After submitting Answer sheet, you can check right and wrong answers as well as your total marks.

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1.Centripetal force needed to keep the moon in its orbit round the Earth is provided by


2.Two teams are pulling a rope with equal and opposite forces each of 5 kN in a tug of war so that a condition of equilibrium exists. What will be the tensile force in the rope?


3.A car travelling at a speed of 30 km per hour is brought to rest in 8 metres by applying brakes. If the same car is travelling at 60 km per hour, it can be brought to rest with the same breaking force at a distance of


4.It is more difficult to walk on a sandy road than on a concrete road because


5.A spring balance is pulled by 2 persons equally with 20 newton force on its two ends. Thus it will show a reading of


6.The Bowman’s capsule functions as a


7.Which of the following is not a vector quantity?


8.What is the unit of electric resistance?


9.Which of the following describes the path of Hailey’s comet ?


10.A solid cube of iron (specific gravity = 8) is melted into sheets. The side of the cube is 1 m. The sheets are used to make a hollow cube. This cube floats such that its whole volume is inside water. What should be the minimum length of side of such a cube?



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