Medieval History in English Quiz 4

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Medieval History in English Quiz 4

Medieval History in English Quiz 4 has 10 questions. For correct answer you will get 3 marks & for wrong answer -1 (minus 1) mark. After submitting Answer sheet, you can check right and wrong answers as well as your total marks.

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1.Who among the following was the author of Tarikh-i- Alai, which contains the details of the first few years of Sultan Alauddin Khilji ?


2.Who wrote the book called Kitab-i-Nauras ?


3.Which one of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?


4.When Mahmud was Ghazni invaded Somnath, the ruler of Gujarata was


5.Which of the following characterised by the Rajputs?


6.After consolidating his power, Balban assumed the grand title of :


7.Sher Shah is considered to be the fore-runner of Akbar in administration because


8.Who was proclaimed as Mughal emperor by Asaf Khan on Jahangir’s death to ensure Khurram’s (Shahjahan’s) enthronement?


9.Which one of the following contemporary sources depicts Humayun’s passion for astronomy and astrology?



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